Bespoke caging to your requirements for a variety of vehicles.

Van and general heavy duty dog crating, made to measure, fully customisable, economical and built to last. 

Are you travelling safe with your pet?

According to the Highway Code, motorists must ensure “dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so that they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves, if you stop too quickly.”

This means they should be secured in a carrier, cage, or using a pet harness. Ensure that all carriers or baskets are restrained using a seat belt, or if they fit snugly they can be placed in the foot well or behind your seat.

A recent study shows that in a 30mph accident a medium-sized dog, such as a spaniel, would be thrown with a force equivalent to that of a baby elephant!

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Moonfrost crates & cages

Moonfrost custom-made, bespoke products for Cars and Vehicles. We provide a wide range of custom dog crates tailor-made to give maximum space and safety for your pet while traveling.

Moonfrost indoor dog crates

Moonfrost indoor crates

Moonfrost custom-made Dog Cages. We provide a wide range of custom dog crates with a large range of colours and sizes.

Moonfrost dog crates and cages

Laser cut

Make your vehicle completely personal!! Have your logo or kennel name laser cut in aluminum and backlit with programmable led lighting to create that extra little sparkle.